About us

ASC consist of experts in a whole range of aviation fields. We offer expert advice in strategic planning and management decision making. Our products and services are designed to meet individual customer needs that position them to improve their bottom line while attaining even a higher level of safety.

Kole Uhuegho is founder of Air safety consult. He has over 25 Years aviation experience,
a fully registered (COREN) engineer. He is an examiner with the Nigerian society of engineers (NSE)

Kole holds an MBA and a Master of Science degree in Air safety Management from City University London.

Rotimi Osowe is co-founder, he has over 15 Years aviation experience, and has extensive knowledge in continuing airworthiness, Maintenance and Management.

Rotimi holds an MSc in Air safety Management from City University London.

Your needs

Do you want to audit your entire activities, safety, quality, airwothiness, operations, maintenance, human factors e.t.c
Do you aim to gain from the benefits that safety management system (SMS) presents
or you seek to continuously improve on your safety records and the deliveries of your product and services.
What ever your needs are, we at ASC have the expertice and we are here to help you achive your goal.

Our solution

We offer services that are talored to meet your individual needs which includes training, consulting and part time handling of your SMS.